What Would Jack Kerouac Wear Today? | Esquire Magazine

Esquire Magazine’s John Jannuzzi determined that Jack Kerouac would keep a Loden Dager shirt and bag as part of his wardrobe in the magazine’s ongoing series “What Would Icons Wear“. In this installment titled What Would Jack Kerouac Wear Today?, John Jannuzzi chose clothes from the recent runways that “…would fit with the author’s laid-back style legacy.” Other installments in the series imagine the outfits of Fred Astaire, Jimi Hendrix, and James Dean if they were still with us today.

Equire Magazine, What would Jack Kerouac wear

Shirt and bag by Loden Dager in Esquire Magazine's "What would Jack Kerouac wear"

Jack Kerouac? We couldn’t be more honored…

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