Loden Dager in “Woodland” | NUVO Magazine

Elijah is featured in NUVO magazine’s Summer 2012 issue. Elijah can be seen wearing Loden Dager on the website’s front page for the issue and photos in the interview. The interview was by Jenny Hontz, and the shoot was photographed by Matthew Welch.

NUVO Magazine Summer 2012; Elijah Wood wears Loden Dager

Courtesy of NUVO Magazine Ltd. Photography by Matthew Welch.

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“Shorts with personality make Summer a breeze” | Jezebel

Jezebel magazine’s “On Trend” features “A Leg Up” with Loden Dager shorts and coated canvas tote on page 74 of their summer style go-to-guide.

Jezebel Magazine Summer 2012 features Loden Dager shortsView digital edition of Jezebel and navigate to page 74.

The shorts and tote featured in the Jezebel article are part of Loden Dager’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

Backstage at the Fall 2012 Runway Show | hey,hey!gorgeous

hey,hey!gorgeous posted a video of their exclusive backstage look at Loden Dager’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection during New York Fashion Week. See what it takes to make this show happen through the eyes of designer Paul Marlow.

Fall 2012 Runway Show

Our good friend and trusted confidant Matthew Sandager put together a tasty video of our Fall/Winter 2012 Runway Show from this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Double Down | New York Magazine Weddings

Our white suit from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection is showcased in New York Magazine’s Weddings Winter 2012 special issue.

Loden Dager throws all the rules out the window with its Colonel Sanders getup.

New York Magazine's Winter 2012 Wedding Issue

"The double-breasted suit is making a comeback…"

Smart, inspired, and relevant menswear for the contemporary man.